Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley changed its name to AltruVision on July 1, 2023.

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Cameron, from Delaware, pays his cornea donor’s gift forward by giving back.

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Cameron's Story

Each morning, Tamikya and Wyatt prepare their six school-age children for the day. “We focus on keeping a structured routine,” Wyatt says. “Balancing it all takes a lot of attention,” adds Tamikya.

The family routine had to adjust after their son, Cameron, was diagnosed with keratoconus. At just three years old, Cameron began experiencing vision complications. Keratoconus is a disease that affects the cornea, which is the clear, dome-shaped tissue covering the front of the eye. Keratoconus results when the cornea’s dome bulges outward into the shape of a cone.

Although vision was a constant struggle, Cameron always worked hard and did his best. He achieved the narrator role in his school’s Shakespearean play, “Twelfth Night.” “It was not easy to see or read,” he says. “It was difficult to see things close but even

worse to see at a distance.” Cameron’s initial treatment for keratoconus was wearing eyeglasses to correct his sight, followed by special contacts. At 13 years old, Cameron was told he needed a corneal transplant.

Cameron remembers feeling nervous and scared. His physician explained each step of surgery, which lightened some of his fears. His family was also very supportive. After a successful transplant, Cameron’s father was pleased that he missed minimal school days and returned to most activities within six months.

A smiling Cameron says, “Because of the surgery, I liked that I got everything I wanted!” Cameron pays his gratitude forward. He received school commendations for character and acts of kindness. He presently volunteers as a junior varsity assistant football coach for a local Catholic youth league. Cameron and his family express eternal gratitude to the donor who made the selfless decision to donate their cornea. “Being a cornea and organ donor is so important. My donor now lives on through me,” Cameron says.

Every gift– regardless of size– will help change the life of someone who would otherwise live in darkness. With your help, AltruVision can continue to give the gift of sight to families in The Delaware Valley and beyond.

Please call the Eye Bank at 215-563-1679 if you have any questions about the giving options below.

Give someone a second chance at sight– and at life.

Gratis Tissue Program

When a local doctor calls AltruVision because their patient is in need of a cornea transplant but is underinsured, the Eye Bank provides gratis (or donated) tissue to support their surgery. The Eye Bank believes a person’s ability to pay should never be a barrier to their ability to see. Requests for gratis tissue continue to increase, and AltruVision needs financial support to continue providing quality tissue for those in need. Your support will help give people a second chance at sight– and life. Please help us help others by making a donation today.

Planned Giving

After providing for your loved ones, consider making a lasting difference by making a gift to AltruVision in your will. Simply name AltruVision as a beneficiary when writing your will or, if you already have a will, add a codicil amending it to include us. 

For your convenience, we’ve provided language you may use in your estate plan:

“I give, devise and bequeath to AltruVision, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization located at 401 North 3rd Street, Suite 305, Philadelphia, PA 19123, EIN 23-1513699, [insert here the sum or percentage] for its unrestricted general use and purposes.”

Consult your attorney, tax advisor, or financial advisor before making a bequest. Please let’s know about your decision so that we can recognize your gift today. 

Matching Gift Program

Many employers offer matching gift programs that can often double your donation to AltruVision. Learn more by contacting us today. 

Donate Stock

Support AltruVision and save on capital gains taxes. The gift of an asset (often common stock or mutual fund shares) is a valuable way to make a donation and receive tax benefits based on the value of the asset(s).

The Giving Tree

Create a tribute or memorial. Consider contributing to The Giving Tree and have your donation recognized in a choice of inscriptions. The tree is adorned with leaves of bronze ($200 donation), silver ($300 donation) and gold ($500 donation) and beautiful, large faux stones ($1000 donation).

The Giving Tree is a permanent fixture prominently displayed in the Eye Bank’s foyer.